Why Choose BLIMP

blimp french bulldog clothes

BLIMP is an online shop specializing in French bulldog clothes that opened in 2010 with the concept of "living with French bulldogs a little more stylish" .

Since its opening, many French bulldogs have worn the items that have been produced with a focus on quality, such as fabrics, designs, and sewing. And BLIMP has become a favorite brand of owners who know fashion.

The best quality for the best partner

Commitment to fabric

BLIMP's clothes are made of original fabrics woven from scratch by BLIMP, or high-quality fabrics carefully selected by domestic fabric manufacturers, with emphasis on texture, durability, and texture. You can enjoy comfortable comfort for a long time by using high quality fabrics that you can not get anywhere else.


Clothing patterns are key details that make Flebrew attractive. The beautiful lines have been created through many years of improvements such as the fit around the neck and waist and ease of movement. While smartly incorporating design trends, it combines colors, prints, and embroidery that suit French bulldogs to create a cute and cool style.

High quality sewing in Japan

Skilled craftsmen carefully sew each piece at a domestic sewing factory that handles first-class apparel brand clothes that everyone knows. All processes such as embroidery, printing, and original fabric production are done in Japan, and all of them are made in Japan with the highest quality finish.