NUME Leather Collar
NUME Leather Collar
NUME Leather Collar
NUME Leather Collar
NUME Leather Collar
NUME Leather Collar
NUME Leather Collar
NUME Leather Collar
NUME Leather Collar
NUME Leather Collar
NUME Leather Collar
NUME Leather Collar

NUME Leather Collar

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It is a color with a simple design of natural cow leather.
It is a handmade product that is carefully finished one by one by domestic craftsmen.
Nume leather is a very durable leather that is tanned with tannin, and is characterized by its natural texture and luxurious feel. At the same time as you can feel the expression that the leather itself originally has, you can enjoy the change in the texture of the leather as you use it.
With a thickness of about 3.5 mm, this thick and tightly packed tanned leather is very durable and can be used for a long time. Solid brass is used for hardware such as buckles, and you can also enjoy the unique texture of solid brass.

The popular Buhilesler is casually engraved on the riveted metal fittings and leather. Although it has a little playfulness, it has a solid and simple style that goes well with any outfit.
The product has a natural stamp called a natural stamp, such as wrinkles, pores, and scars, which are the unique texture of natural tanned leather. In addition, since the metal fittings are made of solid brass, there are uneven colors due to oxide films.

I put it in original BOX and send it.

Belt width: 21mm for both M and L
Length from buckle position to hole:
[M] 34cm, 36cm, 38cm, 40cm, 42cm
[L] 38cm, 40cm, 42cm, 44cm, 46cm
* Leather stretches about 1 to 2 cm with use.

* When measuring the neck circumference, it is recommended to measure under the neck muff without slack.

Model size Neck circumference 42cm, using size L

Size chart
BLIMP clothes are made to fit the French bulldog's unique body shape.
Some dogs like it loose, others like it snug.
Please choose the most comfortable size for them.
Loose Fit Tight Fit
Weight 6.0-7.6kg
Neck 29-37cm
Back 30cm
Weight 7.0-8.8kg
Neck 30-38cm
Back 31cm
Weight 8.2-10.2kg
Neck 33-40cm
Chest 50-54cm
Back 32cm
Weight 9.5-11.8kg
Neck 35-43cm
Back 33cm
Weight 11-13.6kg
Neck 37-45cm
Back 34cm
Weight 12.6-15kg
Neck 39-48cm
Back 35cm
  • The weight in the table above is the standard weight of the dog.
  • The neck circumference and chest circumference are within the range of the body size that the dog was measured for.
  • Clothing length refers to the actual length of the garment (from the back neckline to the hem).
  • The values ​​in the size chart are for reference only. Appropriate size and fit vary depending on body type.
  • It may shrink slightly due to washing.

About measurements

  • Measure while standing.
  • Measure around your neck, avoiding the neck muff and not constricting it.
  • For chest, measure the widest part.

Reference model size Weight: 11.6kg
Neck: 43cm
Chest: 57cm
Back: 33cm
Wearing size L (tight fit)